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Life of a True Artist


People may call you crazy. People may not understand you at times. At times people are enemies. Sometimes they are the closest people to you. At times you hate yourself for having to relive every painful memory. But in it all who will ever understand the true you. This is a definition of an Artist.

~Ghost u like it I love it~

Feeling like im falling down


Who am I? Who are you? We use to be one. Now there’s nothing but pain in the place where you left me. I’m not perfect and neither are you. But together we were untouchable. Now all I have left in my cup is the pain of memories. I was not worth anything if I could be so replaced so easily. I was nothing for u to have any consideration of......... I lost my heart and my soul to u but was any of your words true. Were any smiles real? Was there an emotion to touch? Where did I go myself? You have become a Ghost which is only filled with pain and hate. Even though you write these songs of love and emotion is that what you’re asking of? Until that question is answered I guess I will keep falling and wondering if anything was ever real.



Confusion in my mind
not knowing what to leave behind
if there was some kind of sign
to keep u in my life
like wind hitting chimes
or the ticking of a watch 
after its been rewound
How many times 
can u pretend 
that the stain of my love
never soaked in
i guess forever is what u choose
cheat the game of love
and broken everyone of hearts rules
but im still the fool
trying to make u drown 
your fabrication 
so u can just be you
but how many times can u choose the same path
if u calculate it all
u always came in last
just driving your life blind
off the road over hills and grass
let me save you from you crash
but u have to choose a different path

Through my eyes

All I ever wanted was to be part of your heart, 
and for us to be together, to never be apart. 
No one in the world can even compare, 
You're perfect and so is this love that we share. 
We have so much more than I ever thought we would, 
I love you so much more than I ever thought I could. 
I promise to give you all I have to give, 
I'll do anything for you as long as I live. 
In your eyes I see our present, our future and our past, 
by the way you look at me I know that we will last. 
I hope that someday you'll come to realize, 
how perfect you are when seen through my eyes.

Ghost Real love poem


innocent eyes that concile the real one
the pain and stress of holding on to something that isnt good for you
to trust in the person that says they willl protect you
but protect u from them is something they cant do
to take this pain from them willing
gets you exausted mentally
But u call this love
but in fact its a tragedy
so take a minute and look in there eyes
past the hate and lies
is this the person u want in your life

Cuz in everyones eyes u can see the truth
but in your heart u will know what's good for you
one day u will find the perfect person
that accepts u for u 
and makes u happy everytime there next to you
but not only laughter
but hold a conversation with you
then this is when u know this is true
love is all they want to give u.

Ghost poem


I hide myself in a room with no doors 
waiting in the corner for that someone to rescue me from the pain i endure
But you can never see this 
i refuse to show
the one that im needing 
is really a ghost
One who's there without you knowing
that raises your hairs just to show u
the one that will never escape 
that can be there with you until your dying day
this ghost in my life covers up all the pain
thats why i choose to live by the name
I will never be who i was
now im just a prophet 
speaking of people and love
i can make you feel love and 
i can make u believe
but you cant touch me or see me
but i rest on your sleeve 
And always remember in your mind that a ghost never leaves.


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