Ghost u like it i love it - Music Artist , Song writer , Producer

Ghost u like it I love it is a  4X award-winning and upcoming, well diverse artist. Well diverse, not only in his mastering of many music genres, but also in a specialized skill such as- music and video production, choreography dancing, and performing. To add to the things he has done. Instead of waiting for a new label after he has been signed to 2 other labels in the past. After he took over the last record label Adverse Effects in Canada in 2014 he opened his own label. After getting that he has released, produced, wrote, rap, and sang on 169 tracks. As a business owner, Artist, Producer he is what u would call a triple threat.

Ghost's is music is quite unique. If you listen to one of his 8 albums (her, her 2, her 3, Living in the moment, Music is my mistress, Transformation, Mr. U Like It I Love It, In The Company Of Two) you will understand just what I mean. With lyrics that never bore, that true south Flava (which comes from being Texas born and raised), such a creative blending of music genres; he is the perfect fit to push the music and entertainment business into transformation. He is so dedicated, passionate, and talented I'm sure this will not be the last you hear of him.

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Ghost u like it i love it

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